Artist: Shiloh Dynasty

Genre: EDM


Won’t you be me baby ?
If I had the money, love.
Would that make you love me ?
I can’t, I can’t love.

I’ve never been a firm believer of love at first sight, sound or anything as such, but this voice has dipped me into the shallows of heaven and brought me back, wanting for more. Shiloh Dynasty as he calls himself, happens to be a mysterious musician who’s active on Soundcloud and YouTube, with the voice of an angel who sings the world to sleep. If anything could come to being as beautiful as his voice, I’d have a hard time buying it.

Shiloh only uploads snippets of covers or originals. This is a good marketing strategy, especially when you’ve got such a mellifluous voice. This aroused curiosity among many indie music fans and hence, led to collaborations with various EDM artists. Now, I’m not a walking EDM encyclopedia, but if there’s any song I could listen for a whole day, I’d choose this without hesitation. The beautiful guitar tune, the mesmerizing voice, the beats, as it’s called, and your own nostalgia make the perfect combination for a rainy day playlist. For the first time, I don’t find the necessity to elaborate about the beauty of a song, since it speaks for itself.

Also, here’s a really cute pink panther edit: