Artist: The Cribs

Genre: Indie rock

Notable lyrics: 

I’m not bothered, what you say or how you dress
I’m a mess, so you’ve always seemed inviting
But really, this all seems quite meaningless
And I remember that you never seemed to see
The fact that man’s needs
Man’s needs are full of greed, are full of greed
A man’s needs, man’s needs
Are lost on me

Here’s a good ‘I didn’t know I needed this until now’ song. This one’s a major stress-buster, take my word for it.

‘Understanding a woman is hard, but so is understanding a man’ is basically what I’ve learnt from this song. People in general are confusing. They say something, but mean another. To make sense of every word will leave you in a state of dilemma. So kids, let go and screw people, you don’t need ’em. (In case it was unclear, I was kidding. You obviously need someone to save you while you drown or someone to give you a CPR).

‘The Cribs are an English indie rock band originally from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. The band consists of twins Gary and Ryan Jarman, and their younger brother Ross Jarman. They were subsequently joined by ex-The Smiths and Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr who was a formal member of the group from 2008 until 2011.’ HEAR THAT? THE FAMOUS JOHNNY MARR WAS A PART OF THIS BAND, HOW COULD THEY NOT BE AWESOME!

Although Marr only joined the band after the release of this song in 2007, this song is exceptional in the way only a true 2000’s song could be. This song was released at the time of rediscovery of punk-rock, hence the overused theme of a woman being a pain in the arse was used. The song speaks about the enlightenment the singer had about how toxic his girlfriend is. Basically, the singer was just too desperate to be alone. It’s all quite evident from the music video, with the woman going berserk and destroying all the instruments.

While the theme isn’t all that worldly, the excellent use of resources at hand, is. The music is so fresh and authentic; it sounds nothing like a modern-day rock song. The electric guitar track has lost its hard-rock essence and has been turned into something more melodramatic and attractive. The vocals are in-the-face, and suitable for a song which is essentially grunge-meets-funk-meets-pop. All in all, the song is very catchy indeed. There was a time when I just couldn’t stop listening to it. Thanks Spotify! (Not an Ad. Seriously, try it for yourself and see).

Also, is it weird that I find the twins sexy, despite their terrible dressing sense?




Artist: Franz Ferdinand

Genre: Indie rock

Notable lyrics:

I say don’t you know
You say you don’t know
I say, take me out!
I say you don’t show
Don’t move, tide is low
I say, take me out!

This song is what is best described as ‘one of the best Indie rock prodigies of the 21st century’ (That’s right ‘Arctic Monkeys’ and ‘The Strokes’, I’m looking at you for you made the cut more lavishly).

Released 14 years ago, you’re still in for a major roller coaster ride of physical enthrallment and an extreme case of ‘disco legs’. The song starts off with a mild (not so mild, to be fair) and brilliant electric guitar riffs while gradually exploding into what can be defined as a ‘sudden surge in the level of adrenaline’; It’s essentially divided into 2 parts: the exciting part and the more exciting part, each equally capturing. In all honesty, this is one power-packed song, potentially the background music of a cool teenage super hero’s life with some great taste in music. Complete with the exact amount that essential gritty and edgy vocals, one listen and you won’t need EDM to, gee, ‘hype you up’ anymore.

The video appears to be filmed on the inside of a 19th century statistics text-book? (who am I kidding, it’s been the same lessons for centuries now) basically the epitome of an eccentric Brit rock song (they’re Scottish, I know) and intellectually buzzing lads. Now, addressing the elephant in the room: what IS the song really about? My pals, it’s the same meaning as the title – asking someone out except you’re going to be a part of the most Emo relationship ever (the song was released in early 2000’s, what do you expect?). Cleverly coined lyrics, a good amount of dedication and this song is the perfect proposal song for that rock star chick/bloke you’ve been longing after. If they ever happen to call the song ‘out-dated’, MOVE ON, they’re not the one. So if you’re ever lucky enough to be asked out with the smooth assistance of this sell-out, make it a point to never let them go because what have you even got to lose?


Artist: Alex turner

Genre: indie

Notable lyrics: I’m not the kind of fool
Who’s gonna sit and sing to you about stars, girl
But last night I looked up into the dark half of the blue
And they’d gone backwards

Fingers dimming the lights
Like you’re used to being told that you’re trouble
And I spent all night
Stuck on the puzzle

This song, the solo work of the same Alex Turner of the ‘Arctic Monkey’s fame, is the opening OST from the movie ‘Submarine’. the plot revolves around a Welsh teen, with his slumped life and depressed parents, approaching his classmate in order to lose his virginity before his sweet 16th (teenagers, am I right?). Jordana, the aforementioned girl, is a very feisty girl, very keen on going about the whole town with a familiar hand in hers, preferably Oliver’s. He, Oliver, later gets cold feet and cuts his ties with he- you know what, watch the movie. I highly recommend it. It’s a very modern and strange outlook on love; teenage love. there’s no chance for you to get out some yawns, though.

The best part about the whole movie? the savvy decision of choosing dear Alex to make the music, which he has done so brilliantly and meticulously, each song better than the last. of all the 6 songs, this one’s my favorite. Far from his usual style of strict indie rock, Turner has approached the audience with more appropriate ballads which definitely captures the essence of the movie. Alex and his beautiful, intricate style of writing pleases everyone, all the god damn time. from ‘Arctic Monkeys’ to the ‘The last shadow puppets’, he has never failed to impress a wide variety of the listeners. With the ’70’s rock star meets a modern hipster rocker’ éclat,the young James Dean is a proper heart throb, that goes around stealing hearts and capturing smiles with his wonderfully crafted music.

With as little as a single instrument, the guitar, he still manages to outshine most meaningless performers these days.if that doesn’t highlight his talent and his ability as a proper musician, I don’t know what does or what will.



Artist : The Beatles

Genre : Psychedelic rock

Notable Lyrics : ‘Let me take you down

cuz I’m going to Strawberry fields,

 nothing is real.’

Living is easy with eyes closed

Misunderstanding all you see

 it’s getting hard to be someone

but it all works out’

Ah, the glorious Beatles and their artistic approach to making music. I wouldn’t lie and say the song isn’t about drugs. In the high rise of the late 60’s and the early 70’s, that’s all one ever wrote about – sex, drugs and living life amidst a constant cycle involving those 2, especially if you’re an infamous rock star.

Beginning their career as a wedding band in the late 50’s, The Beatles gradually rose to fame sooner than most people even earn a degree. they were the talk of the town and the shimmer in every teenager’s eye. boy, were they ever crazy! you could’ve mistaken the ‘Beatles’ fan club for a bunch of lunatics who went and collected a stampede to ruin the city.  soon enough, they began to gain popularity among all classes of the society – right from the tots to the seniors.

Owing to their eclectic ideologies and technological advancement in the sphere of rock ‘n’ roll, you don’t fail to see why they were musical prodigies. till date, people cherish the music they’ve put out for us. their music can only be described as ‘vivid, eccentric and virtual’. It is a clever mix of art, drama, creativity and lyrical genius.

This song (one of my absolute favorites of theirs), has a rather Bond-esque aura to it. nobody can really make true sense out of the song, not until they’re on cocaine or heroin. but the use of a variety of instruments and clever, outspoken lyrics adds to the charisma of the song, making it one of a kind. If I were you, I’d listen to it on a lonely night or while getting high (not that I EVER have). but hey, each to their own. be free to experiment.

Also, here’s a guide to listening to ‘The Beatles’: always wear both earphones or you’re always missing out on something.