Artist: Rex Orange County

Genre: Alternative Pop

Notable lyrics: 

Tryna keep my mind at bay
Sunflowers still grows at night
Waiting for a minute till the sun’s seen through my eyes
Make it down down, do-do-down
Diggy dig down, du du du
Waiting for a minute till the sun’s seen through my eyes

Rex makes the kind of music you don’t want to like because it seems too pretentious but you end up liking anyway, because it’s not.

Rex Orange County or¬†Alexander O’Connor, is an English recording artist and a one-man band who probably mad it big through YouTube, because that’s how you find great indie music, folks. The name apparently was given to him by a teacher because of his initials O.C., which also happens to be an American drama about a bunch of people in the Orange County.

The song allegedly was written for his girlfriend when they were going through a bit of a rough patch. Sweet, isn’t it? A good musician always finds inspiration in the smallest nooks and corners but does not exploit them. Being a very groovy and funky song, it’s evidently classified into 3 distinct parts: the former vintage blues, with the drowsy and aged guitar riffs, the middle smooth disco part with the drums and the latter part, with a charming mixture of trumpets, claps and muted jazz drums. Essentially, it’s a skillful roller coaster of unexpected emotions and occasional surges of adrenaline with the thumping and the grizzly back-up vocals. Being the perfect kind of music to find on YouTube, with its Scott Pilgrim meets Napoleon Dynamite atmosphere, hipsters are sure to buy this song like they buy pot brownies or craft beer; the best part is that you don’t have to be pretentious to genuinely like this song, since its already so fine. The song basically talks about the fear of being abandoned by a lover, in a very light-hearted manner. Sunflower is apparently a metaphor for daintiness and beauty. The lyrics can be easily deciphered, unlike most indie songs.

The music video, even if a bit artsy in an early 2000 way, is very appealing, colorful and school-boyish, charming in its own subtle way. Rex, with his chubby young face, is a brilliant addition to the video. The message of the video is still unclear but I think the last dude had his hands stained with cocaine. Basically, it looks like an amateur short film made by year 2 film-making students, with the use of mid-shots and long-shots. Not too clumsy either, but has nothing on the ‘Loving is easy’ music video, with the clay animations.

With a rise in his popularity every passing day, Rex stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Boy Pablo and, with proper exposure, could get as famous as Mac DeMarco in the Indie underworld; he’s got the charm and the demeanour of a proper indie musician.