Artist: Tame Impala

Genre: Psychedelic pop

Notable lyrics:

Someone said they live together
I ran out the door to get her
She was holding hands with Trevor
Not the greatest feeling ever
Said pull yourself together
You should try your luck with Heather
And I hope they slept together
Oh the less I know the better
The less I know the better

In a weird, ultra dimensional way, I feel a strong connection to this band since the songs are so akin to the stories of my life.

Tame Impala happen to be one of the most sought-after indie rock bands, right beside the Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, et al. The band is distinctive due to its psychedelic style of making music. Formed in Perth, Australia in 2007, the band has risen to fame in the realms of unconventional music.

The song is highly illusionary, complete with an eccentric music video which is a perfect duo of weird, hallucinogenic music that pieces through your ears and the rest of your senses. Highly creative and artistic, the video fits in perfectly with the rest of their projects. Psychedelic music traces ts origin back to the 70’s, with its cosmopolitan hippies and hallucinogens. Seemingly, the band has drawn influences from several low-lying, homemade music from the 70’s; a slightly inane comparison to Pink Floyd won’t be too unassuming either. Here’s a little fact file about the song:

Anchoring itself thematically from the synth-washing “Gossip”, “The Less I Know the Better” mixes lyrics describing the painful moment of a Bermuda love triangle, with a groovy bass-line and 80’s Napoleon Dynamite’s synths.

Tame Impala lead-singer Kevin Parker said that the song doesn’t belong on the album “because it has this dorky, white disco funk.” However, using “Gossip” as a prelude to this, it is highly needed.

To be fair, it does sound a lot like a disco song, albeit a brilliant one with its funky beats and groovy music. The song is basically about a love triangle, as described, from the perspective of the hopeless romantic that yearns after a girl who no longer or never belonged to him. Essentially, Trevor is the hopeless romantic, the blonde is his object of affection and the gorilla hers. Basically capturing the essence of most normal love stories, the gorilla is a metaphor for the standards constructed by a person when they think their love interest is out of their league. ‘The less I know the better’ is a common phrase used by a person while refraining from gathering information about a crush’s romantic affairs. The song is a clever anecdote about countless relationships that happen to be along the lines of having low-self esteem and considering oneself luckier to have another.

Everything about this song is mesmerizing and dazzling. Evidently, a lot of effort goes into composing a tune of such complexity. Only after deconstructing a song will you discover the layers that have been merged to form an extraordinary product. Further, a lot of effort goes into making the music video, with the insanely vivid colors and razzmatazz. The true value of art always lies within its tiniest components because they form the big picture.


Artist : The Beatles

Genre : Psychedelic rock

Notable Lyrics : ‘Let me take you down

cuz I’m going to Strawberry fields,

 nothing is real.’

Living is easy with eyes closed

Misunderstanding all you see

 it’s getting hard to be someone

but it all works out’

Ah, the glorious Beatles and their artistic approach to making music. I wouldn’t lie and say the song isn’t about drugs. In the high rise of the late 60’s and the early 70’s, that’s all one ever wrote about – sex, drugs and living life amidst a constant cycle involving those 2, especially if you’re an infamous rock star.

Beginning their career as a wedding band in the late 50’s, The Beatles gradually rose to fame sooner than most people even earn a degree. they were the talk of the town and the shimmer in every teenager’s eye. boy, were they ever crazy! you could’ve mistaken the ‘Beatles’ fan club for a bunch of lunatics who went and collected a stampede to ruin the city.  soon enough, they began to gain popularity among all classes of the society – right from the tots to the seniors.

Owing to their eclectic ideologies and technological advancement in the sphere of rock ‘n’ roll, you don’t fail to see why they were musical prodigies. till date, people cherish the music they’ve put out for us. their music can only be described as ‘vivid, eccentric and virtual’. It is a clever mix of art, drama, creativity and lyrical genius.

This song (one of my absolute favorites of theirs), has a rather Bond-esque aura to it. nobody can really make true sense out of the song, not until they’re on cocaine or heroin. but the use of a variety of instruments and clever, outspoken lyrics adds to the charisma of the song, making it one of a kind. If I were you, I’d listen to it on a lonely night or while getting high (not that I EVER have). but hey, each to their own. be free to experiment.

Also, here’s a guide to listening to ‘The Beatles’: always wear both earphones or you’re always missing out on something.