rEaR vIeW

Artist: Zayn Malik

Genre: Soul

Notable lyrics: 

Heard about all the things you done
And all the walls you’ve been in
Heard about all the love you lost
It was over before it began
Heard about all the miles you’ve gone
Just to start again
Heard about all the things you’ve been through
It sounds like you need a friend, a friend

Please don’t wait
I’m not coming home tonight
I wanna love you but I can’t

As long as you look me in the eyes
I’ll go wherever you are

You know it’s a Zayn song when the words look drunk.
Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik, known popularly as Zayn, is an English singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Malik was a part of the ‘world’s biggest Boy band’, One Direction, until his departure left the band in shambles. At only 18 years old, he climbed his ladder to success, but often suffered from anxiety attacks, thereby affecting both his mental health and his performances. After going solo in 2016, he put out his first studio album  Mind of Mine, (with an Arabic intro, which achieved him some applause). The album climbed the charts steadily, especially after the release of his infamous Pillowtalk music video. This song is a lesser known single from the same album.
Zayn, even as a member of One Direction, was known for his flexible and heavenly vocals. It’s a tragedy he wasn’t allowed to use them for the better. Among the many great songs on his first album, this one was particularly captivating; the song, as a whole, is very sophisticated. Not something one would normally produce on their first try. Melancholic, farsighted and brutally honest is how I’d describe the lyrics. Here’s an excerpt from his book about the song:
“Rear View” was a super-introspective song that I put together with Malay. It was pretty representative of what I was thinking at the time. […] I was telling Malay about how I was feeling about being independent. We discussed all the emotions that came with making a huge change in your life without knowing what might happen afterwards, like I’d done when I left One Direction. For me, it was this massive build-up of butterflies in my stomach: I was nervous, excited – everything. I told Malay I wanted a song where I was a man reflected in a mirror, talking to myself about what I’m doing and feeling. From there we built the track up.
makes a lot of sense. The music itself is somewhat well-aged and vintage-like, with the drum beats, and what I’d call ‘the electronic fluctuations’. It also has a very voyage-like character to it, if that makes sense. What I mean to say is that this song is great for long road-tours when you just want to forget yourself, while contemplating life. Zayn’s vocals only makes the song more beautiful. His voice always sounds so airy, and what the kids call ‘Fresh as F**k’. If only he’d put more of such music out; no doubt about him being a prominent member of the R&B Hall of Fame 30 years down the lane.
This just in: Zayn’s latest album, Icarus Falls is out now! It was apparently released in December last year.




Artist: Sonu Nigam

Genre: Kannada OST


Anisuthide yaako indu
Neeneyne nannavalindu
Maayadaa lokadinda

Nanagaage bandavalindu
Aahaa yentha madhura yaathane
Kollu hudugi omme nanna, haage summane
Suriyuva soneyu sooside ninnade parimala
Innyara kanasalu neenu hodare talamala
Poorna chandira rajaa haakida
Ninnaya mogavanu kanda kshanaa…
Naa khaidi neeney seremane
Tabbi nanna appiko omme…. haage summane
Anisuthide yaako indu…
Tutigala hoovali aadada maathina sihiyide
Manasina putadali kevala ninnade sahiyide
Haneyali bareyada ninna hesara
Hrudayadi naane korediruve
Ninagunte idara kalpane
Nanna hesara kooge omme… haage summane
Anisuthide yaako indu….
Neeneyney nannavalindu….
Maayadaa lokadinda
Nanagaagi bandavalindu
Aahaa yentha madhura yaathaney
Kollu hudugi omme nanna, haage summane…
Anisuthide yaako indu….


There is a feeling at this instant, which makes me wonder if you are the one for me
Have you descended from the heavens just for me?
Why don’t you kill me once my lady, just because you can?

This drizzle is dripping with your fragrance.
Your presence in someone else’s dream makes me very restless
The full moon went on a holiday after setting sight on your face
Girl, I am the prisoner of your love
Hug me accidentally, just because you can.

There is a sweetness of the unspoken words on your soft lips
My mind and heart is filled with you
Although I won’t ever have you, I have carved your name in my heart and mind
Oh Girl, are you aware of this ?
Call me by my name, just because you can.

I’ve owed this song a blog post for a long time now. Also, I know the audio quality of the song isn’t spectacular, but this’ll have to make do.

Sonu Nigam is an Indian singer and composer. While he doesn’t deserve all the credit, because that’s not how it usually works (Indian singers mostly sing OSTs, and there’s an entire orchestra creating the music, alongwith a lyricist, a composer, and all that jazz. The singer mostly just sings). The lyricist, Jayanth Kaikini, is a renowned Kannada poet, and it shows. The OST was released as a part of the 2006 Rom-com Mungaru Male. The buzz the song had originally created was enormous, and it was the most popular songs of the year (and more).

Anisuthide Yaako Indu has a rather lovely guitar tune holding it up. Some very light drumming accentuates it just as well. The singer’s mellow voice adds an extra charisma to the song. The lyrics, oh the lyrics; if only you lot could understand what an artwork it really is. Every line is pearly and beautifully written, with words intricately woven together, and a careful understanding of how an alluring poem must be written. Moreover, the music video makes everything rosier. Shot in arid lands, forests, and by the lake, the expenses a normal music video would consume have been reduced by a large. And the outfit choices were…..rather interesting. I’ll just blame that on the 2000’s.

I know the picture of a lake instead of the movie poster doesn’t make much sense, but I couldn’t find an appropriate poster.


Artist: Katy Perry

Genre: Pop

Notable lyrics:

I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf
While jacking off listening to Mozart
You bitch and moan about LA
Wishing you were in the rain reading Hemingway
You dont eat meat
And drive electrical cars
Youre so indie rock its almost an art
You need SPF 45 just to stay alive

Youre so gay and you dont even like boys
No you dont even like boys
Youre so gay and you dont even like boys
No you dont even like

Youre so sad maybe you should buy a happy meal
Youre so skinny you should really Super Size the deal
Secretly youre so amused
That nobody understands you
Im so mean cause I cannot get you outta your head
Im so angry cause youd rather MySpace instead
I cant believe I fell in love with someone that wears more makeup than

Youre so gay and you dont even like boys
No you dont even like boys
Youre so gay and you dont even like boys
No you dont even like

You walk around like youre oh so debonair
You pull em down and theres really nothing there
I wish you would just be real with me

Youre so gay and you dont even like boys
No you dont even like boys
Youre so gay and you dont even like boys
No you dont even like PENIS

Ah, Katy Perry in her prime. To everyone calling this song offensive, grow some. EVERYONE (I don’t discriminate).

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, known professionally as Katy Perry, is an American singer. Born in California (hence the infamous California Gurls) she started singing in the church during her childhood, and pursued a career in gospel music as a teenager. Her first album, Katy Hudson, was commercially unsuccessful, and she was dropped by Columbia Records and The Island Def Jam Music Group. Subsequently, she signed with Capitol Records, and released her first ever studio album One of the Boys, in 2008. Ur so Gay was released as an album promo, and earned much criticism in the future for its “homophobic underlying message”. The original video was supposedly taken down, but the ghost (copy) of it is available almost everywhere, god bless the Netizens. Released in 2008, Katy went completely off-stream with this one song. She later rightfully earned her position as a Pop Princess in the 2010’s (Taylor Swift who?). Reaching the peak in 2014 with the release of  Dark Horse, her career has taken a tragic curve ever since.

Among the gems she’s brought us (Hot n Cold, Wide Awake, Teenage Dreams to name a few), Ur so Gay has remained on the sidelines, probably due to the homophobia controversy. Personally, I LOVE IT. The lyrics are really witty, the music nothing too ostentatious, and the music video simple and sweet. The lyrics, especially the lyrics, are VERY appealing. She talks about the modern-day hipster epidemic, with their pretentiousness, and obscure quirks. It’s wonderful how the entire song is essentially a rant about why hipsters are the worst people to date, or talk to, or be around; no offense to the hipsters, but they don’t choose to label themselves, and now I’m technically not pointing fingers. What’s more ironic is listening to a ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ singing about why her hipster boyfriend was a douche. Also, the whole homophobic narrative doesn’t make sense, since she’s not ridiculing him for BEING gay, but ACTING gay to seem more interesting. Be what may, nobody’s ever nailed a revenge/post break-up song like Katy Perry, and cheers (the British one) to her for that.

We mustn’t forget how she made our teenage love lives (a non-existent one, in my case, but I can always dream!) dreamier than the usual. Even if “dating” just meant a occasional meeting down the school hallway, most of these pop songs connected us in the most peculiar ways. 2000’s saw the emergence of the ‘great pop songs’ movement, while the late 2010’s saw the downfall of it. I see what point music snobs makes when they say ‘pop music is crap these days’, but not them hipsters. Honestly, screw the hipsters and their stupid Indie music!                                                                                                                      Also, I’ve just found this extremely underrated band called ‘Cold War kids’. Can’t wait to write about them!



Artist: Saint Motel

Genre: Alternative

Notable lyrics:

Oh my love
I know I am a cold cold man
Quite slow to pay you compliments
Or public displayed affections

You’re the only one worth seeing
The only place worth being
The only bed worth sleeping’s
The one right next to you.

Off-topic, but when you’re a villian with a wicked ruse in mind, why’s there always a dramatic pause before you poorly attempt to achieve it? If it were me, I’d have done and dusted my work before anyone had the chance to even realise what happened. Am I a psychopath? Maybe. Have I murdered anybody or have attempted to? Do cockroaches count?

Saint Motel is an American indie pop band from Los Angeles, whose music has been described as everything from “dream pop” to “indie prog.” The band consists of A/J Jackson, Aaron Sharp, Dak Lerdamornpong, and Greg Erwin. Formed in 2009, they have released 2 studio albums since, including a few OSTs for the movie ‘Paper towns’. While ‘My Type’ happens to be their most famous song till date, ‘Cold Cold Man’ is a slightly less popular single from the My Type EP.

Snazzy piano, sexy vocals, and some savvy music make this Casino Royale themed song a piece of art. What’s funny – at least to me  -is the fact that this band could easily be mistaken for Mumford & Sons, what with the all the hipster-esque band members; don’t deny the fact that the lead member looks like a taller version of Jason Schwartzman. Also won’t deny that he looked extremely sexy and Bond-like, fighting off those villains.  But here’s a piece of my mind about why this song is a genius: most love songs talk about the transcendental kind, the irrevocable and selfless kind – It’s just too surreal to be true. This song, however, is rather relatable and honest. Some people just don’t find the necessity to be all corny when it comes to expressing love for their beloved, which is completely acceptable. But sometimes, humility is mistaken for indifference, and then comes the part where you spend a good amount of your time reassuring them you really do love them; that is when this song comes to your rescue. Here’s more insight into the matter:

In an interview with Jackson, he explained: “‘Cold Cold Man’ is to me another way of saying ‘I Love You’ with more of just ‘I don’t always need to tell you I love you for you to get that.’ Which I’ve experienced, and I’m sure a lot of people have experienced.

Sometimes it just rubs me the wrong way: People are too saccharin about everything, and with, ‘I love you’ after every phone call, it just seems like if you always express it too much, throw it out there cheaply, it loses a little bit of the value when you use it.”

Moreover, the video has witnessed a lot of careful planning and consideration. The graphics, and the overall idea of it, is brilliant. The music itself is so groovy and catchy, I don’t see why this isn’t their one-hit wonder. This might be hard to believe, but the video has less than 5 Million views, so let’s crank those numbers up, ey?


Artist: Psychedelic Furs

Genre: Post-punk

Notable lyrics:

They’d put us on a railroad
They’d dearly make us pay
For laughing in their faces and
Making it our way there’s
Emptiness behind their eyes
There’s dust want to steal us all and
Take us all apart
But not in

Love my way it’s a new road
I follow where my mind goes

The movie ‘Call Me By Your Name’ had a lot of good music to offer, including this gem. It’s also been my ringtone for a long time now. I’ll have to admit, that was a good call, pun intended.

The Psychedelic Furs are an English rock band founded in London in February 1977. Led by singer Richard Butler and his brother Tim Butler on bass guitar, the Psychedelic Furs were one of the many acts spawned from the British post-punk scene. ‘Their 1981 song “Pretty In Pink” was picked by director John Hughes as the title of his 1986 teen movie and the re-made version of the song became their biggest hit ’til then’. Released in 1982 as a part of their 3rd studio album, ‘Love My Way’ has become one of their most popular songs.

The 80’s were known for a lot of things, but mostly for the excellent records produced. The era, succeeding some of the biggest musical revolutions, had its way with the technology, paving a way to musical innovations, and the ‘British independent wave’. Basically, a whole lot of garage bands came into the open, and started putting out music of their own authenticity. This created another revolution, and gave rise to the ‘alternative’ genre that slowly spread to all parts of the world, until the punk-rock and grunge wave came into being in the 90’s.                                                                                While I never saw the glam of the aforementioned epoch the way it was probably meant to be seen, a few English bands of the time (The Smiths, The Cure, and so on) caught my attention, including this particular song of the band – after listening to it for the fourth time, that is.                                                                                                                                   Being one of the very few 20th century songs to use a xylophone in it, ‘Love My Way’ saw the forthcoming post-punk scene. Not so much punk, albeit, there’s definitely that congenital sultry charm to it; might be the eccentric video, or the bizarre costumes and make-up. Richard Butler’s carefree voice and Bowie-edge certainly accentuates that bit. Furthermore, the drums were a brilliant addition. With the xylophone and the drums blending in perfectly, the song surely was popular at Discos everywhere; probably still is, because this song is definitely worth the dance of a lifetime. The lyrics are obviously well-written; I mean, which 80’s “independent” band doesn’t have a quirky and intellectual lyricist? ‘In an interview with Creem in 1982, Richard Butler stated that the song was “basically addressed to people who are fucked up about their sexuality, and says ‘Don’t worry about it.’ It was originally written for gay people.”’ In that sense, it does sound like a proper escapade. And if 80’s music was famous for anything, it was for catering to the gay communities.


Artist: Debussy

Genre: Classical

Lyrics (of the poem): 

Your soul is a well-chosen landscape

Where roam charming masks and bergamasque

Playing the lute and dancing and seeming almost

Sad under their whimsical disguises.

While singing in a minor key

Of victorious love and good life

They don’t seem to believe in their own happiness

And their song mingles with the moonlight,

With the sad and beautiful moonlight,

That makes the birds in the trees dream

And sob with ecstasy the water streams,

The tall slim water streams among the marbles.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOLKS! I know I’m late, but better that than later, right? I’ve been extremely lazy this entire week, since I’ve got my semester break now.                            This song is a perfect way to start your almost-new year with. If you don’t think so, let’s just agree to disagree.

Achille-Claude Debussy was a French composer. Although he happens to be one of the earliest influential composers of the early 19th and 20th century, he fancies himself a rather timid title. ‘Born in 1862, to a family of modest means and little cultural involvement, Debussy showed enough musical talent to be admitted at the age of ten to France’s leading music college, the Conservatoire de Paris. He originally studied the piano, but found his vocation in innovative composition, despite the disapproval of the Conservatoire’s conservative professors. He took many years to develop his mature style, and was nearly 40 when he achieved international fame in 1902 with the only opera he completed, Pelléas et Mélisande’.                                                                                      ‘        ‘Clair de Lune is a French poem written by Paul Verlaine in 1869. It is the inspiration for the third and most famous movement of Debussy’s 1890 Suite bergamasque of the same name’.

‘Clair de Lune’, or French for ‘Moonlight’ is a beautiful and tranquil melody composed of all the right notes and borrowed feelings. Since it was written as a poem, Debussy transcribed it into a melancholic tune with a hint of complete bliss. The intricate composition mostly revolves around the C major chord, with a lot of pauses and complex transitions, because like he’d once stated, ‘Music is the silence between the notes’.        That really made me think. It’s not the song a person likes, but how it makes them feel. You reflexively close your eyes, and let the gentle music sweep you into your mind’s meadow of harmony, delicacy, and everything that leaves you a happier person. The sheer lucidity of the tune is a thing of beauty; with as less as a single instrument, Debussy has created a masterpiece that people from all generations will be in awe of. If I must be honest, this melody is one among those I don’t feel pretentious liking, which is saying a lot. If the song could be a painting, it would be a prodigy, like Van Gogh’s Starry Night, or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; people effortlessly and congenitally learn to love it.




Artist: Snakehips and MØ

Genre: Electronic 

Notable lyrics: 

But I’m not just a fuck-up, I’m the fuck-up you need
I don’t hear nobody when you focus on me
Perfectly imperfect, yeah, I hope that you see
Tell me you see
‘Cause I know that you’ve been thinking ’bout it

Don’t leave
Shut your mind off and let your heart breathe
You don’t need to be worried
I may not ever get my shit together
But ain’t nobody gonna love you better

I know a lot of us music snobs have prejudices against pop music, but there’s a few that are inevitably on all our playlists, and not just as guilty pleasures. The quality is remarkable, and it’s almost as good as your sworn-by collection of classic rock music; well, at least in its own state of being.

Karen Marie Aagaard Ørsted Andersen, known professionally as MØ, is a Danish singer, songwriter and record producer, signed to Sony Music Entertainment. Snakehips are a British electronic music duo. The line-up consists of Oliver Lee and James Carter. This “dream-team” were once the famous composers of the 2015 hit ‘Lean On’. While this 2017 single has failed to garner as much popularity as the former, (it did stay at the top of the charts for a few days) it’s achieved a whole new level of sophistication.

‘Don’t leave’ is a heartbreak song which talks about a dysfunctional couple clinging on to each other desperately, even with all the troubles and the sorrows. The singer begs her lover to stay, even when she hasn’t been the best partner while a video of their racy and intimate moments plays. That’s one way to describe this song: racy, intimate and heartfelt. There’s an optimum usage of electronic music, which is always a good thing. The music doesn’t drown out the singer’s voice, and adds a much-needed charisma to the song. Essentially, no other genre would’ve done this song justice. The lyrics are raw and raunchy, unraveling like a frustrating rant being yelled at someone, in the face. That further highlights how personal and well-drawn it is; it practically sets the entire scene. ‘s earthy voice, with the cracks and the trembles, further amplifies the pain, bringing more meaning to the song. As a whole, this song has definitely impressed me enough to persuade me to write about it. I’m not claiming to be a qualified song critic, but I’m a musical cynic, and I think this song is rather excellent, which is saying something.

The dude in the music video has caught your eyes, you say? That’s the Italian model, Francesco Cuizza. Thank me by following me 😉


Artist: Eartha Kitt

Genre: Christmas songs

Notable lyrics: 

Santa Baby, forgot to mention one more thing

A ring, and I don’t mean on the phone

Santa Baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight.

Merry Christmas, folks! This Christmas has been the wildest one till date. As a matter of fact, this year as a whole, couldn’t have been wilder. While ‘Last Christmas’ seemed more appropriate for my current situation, this song burst through my troubles and grievances, and called for being “decrypted”.

What can be said about Eartha Kitt, this beautiful, fierce, strong, and talented woman? What can be said about her that might do her justice?                                                        ‘Born into poverty in 1927 on a plantation in North, S.C., to a white father and a black and Cherokee mother, Kitt overcame domestic abuse and abandonment to become a renowned singer, dancer and actress on film, television and on Broadway.’                      The song was released in 1953, after which she became as popular as poodle skirts. Because it was so sultry and well-made, the song rose to the top of the charts, and stayed there for quite some time. Eartha enjoyed her time in the limelight, and was even cast as Catwoman in the 1967 Batman T.V. series. Orson Welles, of Citizen Kane fame, even once called her ‘the most exciting woman in the world. She was a renowned Bombshell until the Vietnam controversy almost ended her career. In a private luncheon with the first lady, Lady Bird Johnson, and other accomplished women in 1968, Kitt stood against young men being shipped to Vietnam, and told the first lady it wasn’t doing the country any good. (For more information, visit this page). She also refused to take her words back, which left her jobless, at least in the U.S., until 1978. Eartha Kitt passed away in 2008.

‘Santa Baby’ is a song backed up by a well-equipped orchestra. It happens to be one of Eartha’s favorite songs recorded. After its release in 1953, it hit off well with the public, and is a Christmas favorite even today. Various versions have been released ever since, but the original one happens to be my favorite. Eartha’s sultry & toned voice gives the song its structure and character. The song is about a woman enlisting all the luxuries she wants for Christmas, to Santa, who could either be a rich lover, or a Sugar daddy. After a revolutionary period of Jazz music before the 50’s, Jazz slowly transitioned into something more – Bluesy. Jazz soon became the mainstream in the 50’s, and rock took birth in the early 60’s. It also caused a revolution in the U.S., almost bringing racism down (LA VIE EN ROSE speaks about this in detail). Eartha, a popular face in the world of Jazz music, sold the song because of how seductive she and it were. It sounded like no other Christmas song, which were meant to be modest and cheerful. The music used was deemed modern back then, since it wasn’t leaning completely towards Jazz. The male back-up vocals and the saxophone add weight to the song, making it sound very sophisticated. While it would’ve faced a lot of backlash in the conservative environment of the 50’s, it certainly hasn’t lost its charm and suavity.


Artist: George Ezra

Genre: Blues


I still long to hold her once more, oh
My boots of leather
From Europe
I gather you know, know

Every time you have to go
Shut my eyes and you know
I’ll be lying right by your side
In Barcelona

A native man sang in a foreign tongue
I still ache to know the song that he sung

Every time you have to go
Shut my eyes and you know
I’ll be lying right by your side
In Barcelona
Every time you have to go
Shut my eyes and you know
I’ll be lying right by your side
In Barcelona

Every time you have to go
Shut my mind and you know
I’ll be lying right by your side
In Barcelona

I remember coming across a YouTube comment under Ezra’s video saying something along the lines of  ‘George Ezra is perfect. He’s got the voice, great looks, and a sense of humour I’d swap my favorite child for. That is an accurate representation of how I feel about the bloke.

George Ezra Barnett (born 7 June, 1993) is an English singer, songwriter, and musician, known for his deep, bass-baritone singing voice. He somehow looks like a movie jock, but is a real sweetheart. After ‘Budapest’, his single, was released, it reached No. 1 in several countries. His first album, ‘Wanted on Voyage’, with super-hits like ‘Blame it on Me’, did well in the European and American charts, gaining him a reputation as a popular neo-folk/Blues artist. This song is the 6th single from the same album. His second album, ‘Staying at Tamara’s’, was released earlier this year.

‘Barcelona’ has a back story to it – After his first album tour, George went away to seek solace in Barcelona. Instead of renting a really nice apartment, he stayed at a woman’s house as a tenant. The woman, Tamara, inspired his second album’s name. According to Genius lyrics,

The line ‘My boots of leather from Europe I gather you know’ is a reference to Bob Dylan’s “Boots Of Spanish Leather”. Dylan asks his lost love to send back boots of Spanish Leather to remember her by while she is far away in Barcelona.

The Dylan song is about realizing his lover is gone, that she is more interested in Barcelona and her future travels than in him. Ezra too seems to have lost a lover to the world.

Attributed with instruments like the electric guitar and the rattles, this Blues gem is tranquil, leisurely and wholesome. Ezra’s voice is magical; It’s unlike any common voice found in the industry today; deep, bassy, well-layered and sophisticated. The song unravels as its own pace as the quality of music gets richer, and George hits that high-note. It’s a perfect song for travelling in the rain, if you ask me.

The song is about chasing after the person you love, while they’ve escaped into a whole new foreign world. This could be a reference to Ezra himself, as he leaves everything he loved doing behind to explore, relax, and evolve. The video also elaborates the latter, with Ezra being focused on from among the leaves, as he floats mid-air. He’s a method artist, in the way he surrendered the luxuries and switched to a life of simplicity, which only made his dedication to his passion sturdier. Much respect for the man. It takes a lot of strength. diligence, and commitment to leave all the worldly pleasures behind, and go on an expedition to enlarge your capabilities as an artist. In the age of  technological reproduction of music, Ezra switches to the age-old traditions of making music, with the genuine lyrics, the instruments, his beautiful voice, which makes him an excellent artist.


Artist: Phum Viphurit

Genre: Indie Pop

Notable lyrics: 

Wandering the streets all through the night
Searching for the one to make me right
Wondering if she’s the shade of you
And if so, should I try to see it through

Darling, I got my trust issues
Warning, you stay away
If we meet at the rendezvous
Take me away, Sunray

Got a crush you want to serenade to impress? Or on someone with a good taste in music?  Don’t worry, I’ve got your back with this song.

Viphurit “Phum” Siritip is a 23-year-old Thai singer, who moved to New Zealand at the age of 9. As a result, he chose to make songs in English. With the braces and the good-guy charm, Phum has managed to acquire 30 million views on his most popular song ‘Lover Boy’. The song is a part of  his prospective 2nd album, probably releasing in 2019.

‘Lover Boy’ is a happy-go-lucky song that can cheer any gloomy person up; with the enthusiastic beats, the chipper aura, and the striking electric guitar, the song reminds one of lovely summer evenings with festive lights hung everywhere, much like the location of the song. Set along the beaches of Pattaya, Chonburi, a beachside city not too far from Bangkok, the song aptly captures the essence of a tune to play on a bonfire night with a bunch of your closest friends, and the person you’re in love with. I will take a moment to appreciate the quality of the film: stunning, vibrant and visually appealing. The lights used, further enhance a person’s mood, ridding him/her of the day’s stress for good. Moreover, Phum’s innocent and endearing face gives the entire video a rather schoolboyish charm.

Speaking of the song, Phum’s airy voice is a comparison to not a lot of other artists’ in the industry; it’s eccentric and absolutely delightful. His exaggerated pronunciations of every word is nothing but adorable. The playfulness has been brought out both in the music video and the song, as he serenades the pretty chick who can’t stop touching her hair enough. The song has been written from an admirer’s point of view; he’s got trust issues, and has suffered a great deal, but is hoping the girl is similar to him.  Our lover boy is confident with his guitar skills, and has decided to go minimalistic on the lyrics, which has worked out great for him, considering how the song’s become one of the most popular indie songs of 2018.