Artist: Stardust

Genre: French house (Disco)

Notable lyrics: (these are the only lyrics, might I add)

I feel like

The music sounds better with you

Love might

Bring us back together

I feel so good

Pardon me for my lack of expertise in the genre of Electronic music. I’ve been meaning to write about an EDM song for very long now and a groovy disco track WITH lyrics is as far as I could extend my flexibility.

Allegedly, ‘music sounds better with you’ is a cult classic and was one of the highest-selling singles of 1998, in the UK. It was also called ‘one of the most irresistible, sublime dance singles of the decade’ by the critiques and received an average overall of 4.5 for 5. Not too clumsy for a 90’s disco song, eh?                                                                                      Stardust were a one-time musical collaborative effort consisting of producers Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe, and vocalist Benjamin Diamond. That’s unfortunate because producing a number of tasteful Electronic Dance songs would’ve hurt nobody.

Evidently, producing a Disco song wasn’t as easy as pressing a couple of buttons on your computer. These old-timey DJ’s knew their way around the DJ mixer and could account for the credibility of their music being genuine. The song is indeed very enthusiastic and almost psychedelic (that’s dream trance for you), there’s just something about it that’s so catchy and fabulous. The absence of a ‘drop’ makes it all the more appealing; the band goes easy on the excessive use of computer-generated bass beats and resorts to mellower, pleasant music that simultaneously makes it akin to mainstream music and a million times more superb. I mean, it’s been 20 years. Surely, hoping for progress in the quality of music isn’t unintelligible.

The video is oh-so-peculiar and screams the 90’s craze for experimenting with other-worldly visuals. It revolves around an aerophile little boy who’s hard-set on building his first toy plane and here’s the insane part: the music video might seem irrelevant at first but the band has been genius-ly incorporated into it, with no room for talking. And hey, what’s a better song you can think of than this, to play while constructing a model aero plane?