Artist: Hippo Campus

Genre: Indie Rock

Notable lyrics:

The sky is lushed in the company
Of those American eyes
See good on earth and truth in lies

Violet, trying to start your riot
Trying to get up and then go
So the world will always know
Violet, you and your fucked up riot
Trying to get up and then go
So the world will always know

You know what’s sexier than a talented “boy-band” which writes its own songs and composes its own music and has a smart name? I can’t think of anything.

Originally from Minnesota, these 20-something (maybe even younger) dudes know what they’re doing and where they’re going. If I’m not wrong, they could be the next big thing. In the era of duplicated, superficial music, these unquestionably talented kids have raised themselves through the thick fog of indolence and good marketing with their own vigour and fresh talent, giving the passionate indie-rock fans what they were in hot pursuit of: clarity.

Deriving inspiration from both retro and modern music, this song is definitely a whole new approach to the making of indie rock; Heavy-rock snobs will not condemn it and mainstream-music fans will not repel it, owing to its eccentricities and tiny regularities alike. The music is definitely nothing like you’ve ever heard before, and is in no way similar to the likes of Arctic Monkeys or Vampire Weekend; it still manages to stand out as a pioneer sub-genre, a one-of-its-kind, with the vague lyrics and the harmonious discrepancies. The guitar sounds are very unconventional and yet, manages to capture the attention of a million people with varying tastes in music.

When I first came across the song, I was very skeptical of a good looking boy-band being any good. Boy, was I ever wrong! The song wasn’t even a bit appealing, initially. It was very different from what I was used to and so, I took my time to get accustomed to the entire concept of this song. But when I did, it hit me hard and, do you know how every person has a set of songs they’d never skip when played on a shuffle? This song definitely belongs to the category. The video is just so endearing, with the pastel shades and beautiful boys with their guitars and random inanimate objects, pretending to be lost in a world of magnificent sounds and not making kissy-faces to the camera. Speaking about the song, which we inevitably must, there are several bold and ear-catching elements, like the strong guitar solo at the beginning, the gradual addition of the drums, the subtle rise in the zeal of the entire performance at the chorus and the final instrumental piece, everything almost too perfectly coordinated. The vocals are definitely just as atypical as the rest of the song; it’s not too try-hard or reverberatory (watch any reality singing contest to understand what I’m talking about).

Being different in the ordinary world is fine. As a matter of fact, different is more welcome than ordinary. In a futile race to be as normal as possible, people often lose their individuality and eventually, the person they are. The reason I chose to create a blog IS to expose the world to the more extra-ordinary, less explored side of music. The band is far from pretentious and very mature in the way thousand other “boy-bands” have failed to be, with their incomprehensible obsession with fame and a large fan-base. More often than not, young boys in the show business are made to believe that good-looks are more accredited for, in comparison to actual talent. They don’t believe in appearing to be prudish or innocent and are not too unsure about cussing, which is fucking great! What’s wonderful is that these young lads have resorted to being unique and experimenting, and that’s the reason they’ve got such unabashedly brilliant songs on their hands. They are aware of their self-worth and are bound to climb up the sky, if they don’t conform to conventions. It’s hard to come across such young geniuses in the music industry, in today’s world of greed and power and I’m happy to inform that all hope has not been lost.