Artist: Angus & Julia Stone

Genre: Electronic/Travel

Notable lyrics:

I don’t mind if you wanna go anywhere,

I’ll take you there

We could go to the Chateau Marmont

And dance in the hotel room

Thank goodness for the existence of this wonderful song; it is a cherry on the top of my travel playlist.

Julius and Angus Stone are a pair of really attractive Australian siblings who formed their own indie pop duo back in 2006. They mostly make songs with sensible and timid Electronic music incorporated. Somehow, they remind me of ‘oh wonder’, the popular indie duo. Julius is a sexy dude, and his pronunciation of ‘Chateau Mormont’ does unimaginable things to me.

Chateau (Castle) Mormont happens to be a very famous hotel in sunset Blvd, Los Angeles.┬áThe song has some really mellow beats. It’s an enthusiastic fusion of electronic music and indie music, all very shrewdly arranged, basically resulting into a perfect mixture of both genres. The music is innately travel oriented; definitely sounds like something you’d play on a very long drive across the country, on deserted highways or such. There’s something about this song that plays out like a frozen fragment of the warmest sunset. The music video is also very complementary, portraying what the song actually means – promises made to your lover about travelling the world with them, and living your life like there’s no end to it. The music revolves around a similar idea – 2 young couples, one of them travelling around, and the other getting married – possibly the same couple, before and after, in the Chateau where it all began. Julia and Angus themselves make a guest appearance in the video.

Also, can we just take a moment and appreciate how accurately the music video fits the song? Lord only knows that’s happened so few times in the history of making music! And here’s a thought that just crossed my mind: are there any cat-fights involved, during the making of a song?