Artist: Rei Brown

Genre: Indie

Notable lyrics: 

Love, I don’t know what makes you move
I don’t know what makes you move in these photographs
Love, I stare at these polaroids
I stare at these polaroids and you’re staring back

Deep sleep aviations, in conversations with constellations
Midnight trepidations, the detonations of self-deprecation

Ooo I don’t need you anymore
Ooo I don’t need you anymore

But love, when I close my eyes
I’m lying next to you
And I don’t want memories
To fade like pictures do
In these picture frames

Love, I don’t know what makes you laugh
I don’t know what makes you laugh in these sepia tones
Love, I can’t help but make believe
I can’t help but make believe that you’re coming home

White noise meditation, the hesitation to change the station
Radio resuscitation, suffocation in contemplation

Ooo I don’t need you anymore.

Do you ever get slight tremors in your body after listening to an insanely good song? I do, and this song fits in the ‘body-quake’ category, because of how overwhelmingly wonderful it is.

Rei Brown, formerly known as Raybaboon, keeps a very low-profile; his whereabouts are quite unknown and he’s an indie artist on Soundcloud. Who knew Soundcloud had so many wonderful artists?

An amazing song must be able to transcend tangible boundaries and help you float through the realms of virtual heaven; at least that’s what an amazing song is to me. If it has the ability to help you lose yourself, you’re on the right track with your music. Don’t let anybody tell you any different, be what may the genre. This is inconsistent with my previous rigid beliefs, but I’ve matured a lot since then.

This song is an intricate work of an artist who knows what he’s doing. To transcribe this song would be hard, since its got so many complex layers and such. According to what I could make out, no actual instruments have been used, save for a single guitar strum. However, it all worked out for the best, since the song has resulted into something very miraculous. The lyrics are so beautiful, the meaning behind it being more beautiful. The artist talks about how he still remembers his lover when looking at their pictures, and how he so dearly misses them. It’s simple, crystal-clear but efficient, sitting right in with the whole idea of the song. The voice complements the song very will; it’s a little drowsy and docile but absolutely gorgeous. I haven’t feel the absence of a stranger’s dreamy voice until I heard this one.The video is an animated footage of a train moving through a monochromatic scene, with the snow falling in the background; simple but consistent.

Everything about the song is so pure and innocent, with the calming sound of a type-writer and a pager(?) in the background. Listening to this song sometimes makes everything better for 3 minutes. I just hope there’s an endless stream of talented artists putting out such beautiful songs everyday.


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