Artist: John Mayer

Genre: Blues/Soul (Acoustic)

Notable lyrics:

I was the one you always dreamed of

You were the one I tried to draw

How dare you say it’s nothing to me

Baby you’re the only light I think I ever saw

I make the most of all sadness

You be a bitch because you can

The acoustic version is much better than the album version, take my word for it.

I don’t know where to begin or where to end, with the blissful experience this song imparts. It’s like you’re being encircled with a faint warmth of John’s voice and the guitar tune, whenever you listen to it. Writing this song definitely wasn’t a piece of cake, it speaks for itself. Only a professional song-writer can put words together and add such beautiful sense and elegance to it.

The burning room is simply a metaphor for a worn-out relationship where all you do is tear each other apart and the slow dancing signifies the torture one endures while falling apart completely. The song is all about finding beauty within the chaos itself and finally letting the inevitable happen: letting go; ‘Nothing is permanent but change’, as Heraclitus originally said.

While penning down such original and heart-felt lyrics, John has also made shewed use of his guitar skills, his fondness for some great Blues and make the absolute best craft out of it. What is considered to be one of his most emotional song, the tune is a favorite among the fans and is hailed as a significant milestone in his career of making music; this level of excellence has remained almost unachievable by modern blues artists (there aren’t many). What I fear is that faulty collaborations and a plethora of impure genres have resulted in the dying out of the once highly regarded genre of blues, and I can’t stress that enough. While John Mayer has been a dedicated Blues fan and keeps bestowing upon us, beautiful tunes, a vast number of other Blues artists remain unrecognised, something we shouldn’t be entirely proud of. While most popular artists long after abstract versatility, they corrupt their songs with insincere¬†and physical versatility, which isn’t always compatible with all genres.

The song is recorded in an intimate setting with just the enchanting vocals and acoustic guitar, miles away from the album recording. John remains to be enthralled by Soul music till date and delivers consistent performances with each album, a popular reason you should start listening to the fairly popular artist. Also, addressing the elephant in the room – the infamous controversial interviews, I suggest you learn the difference between a person’s personal and professional life and LET IT GO (I will admit to my indiscreet predilection for Mayer, at this point). This song is proof enough to highlight what an excellent artist and a brilliant performer he is (here’s a few pictures to prove his dedication to playing his guitar), and I HOPE he’ll be a noted member of the Rock ‘n Roll hall of fame in the nearby future.



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