Artist: Björk

Genre: Alternative

Notable lyrics: 

His wicked
Sense of humor
Exciting sex

He believes in a beauty
He’s Venus as a boy

Oh Björk, why are you so wickedly (pun intended) charming, captivating and quirky?

Never heard of this little angel before? Björk Guðmundsdóttir is an Icelandic beauty who’s always had a congenital passion for music and joined a band at the age of 11, progressing to become a very influential singer-songwriter in the early 90’s. If anything, she can be described as a ‘female David Bowie with an inclination towards the colors of life and not space’. She’s always been endearingly dedicated to making audaciously colorful and eclectic songs and music videos, each very vivid but more quirky than the last. Her larger than life approach to making music has made her a very prominent persona in the music hall of fame.

‘Venus as a boy’ is a direct reference to the infamous Greek goddess of love, sex and fertility, Venus. Bjork speaks about her excitement to get laid, in a nutshell. Just kidding (SHE isn’t, however). In a way, this is a more classy, alluring version of Despacito. ‘Venus as a boy’ was released first in 1993 and Björk had immediately captured the attention of thousands, with her very distinctive voice and mannerisms. The video is but a simple footage of her being all lovely in her kitchen, making eggs and day dreaming about this particular male embodiment of Venus, with a gecko on her shoulder. The theme to be explored here is the innocence of a very young couple who fantasize about making love to each other, for the very first time. According to popular analyses, the eggs symbolize a girl on the brink of her sexual maturity (as in actual ovum a woman produces). What’s more mesmerizing, however, is that this song has derived inspiration from the authentic Indian way of making music, with the instruments being Indian string instruments and was recorded in Bombay when she was largely obsessed with Indian culture. In a way, the song feels more intimate to me now.

Björk has somehow come to be the face of Iceland now, (at least for me) and if you delve into her history and music, you’ll learn about what an inspirational and intellectual young woman she was, and what a true idol she is. She defied the clichés of popular music and rose to be a distinct personality of an interesting and tastefully bizarre kind (a hard find that can be). Also, if this adorable footage of her talking about the components of a TV doesn’t lighten your world up, what truly ever will?

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